Adult Toys Are Getting Ridiculous!

If you’re prepared to attach a prototype, suitcase sized machine with about 10 different working parts to your junk good luck to you… I’ll wait for the second version.

Virtuadolls is an American company that started off making a simple virtual reality controller which after a YEAR became a big, mechanical -virtual reality supported- sex toy.  This just shows you that if you’re working on something long enough, the initial idea will always spiral out of control into something really bizarre.

Here’s their prototype which they’re attempting to fund through KickStarter and you know what? It looks like it’s going to be successful…


Now I’m as dubious as you that this could be commercially successful, but I gotta; admit adding Virtual Reality support means a lotta lonely guys are going to have some very fun experiences… until their parents walk in on them.

Look at this thing go:

virtuadoll movement

It’s almost rhythmical isn’t it?

Now I would post more photos of this incredible piece of kit… but I don’t think google ads will be very happy with me posting adult content. So all I can say is check out their video and their KickStarter page for more.

Man I’m looking forward to when Virtual Reality explodes this year, so many people are going to be caught wacking it.