Australian Cosplay Is Heating Up!

There’s a couple of Australian girls who look like twins and their cosplay is blowing me away!

Their names are Beke and Kayla Erin and they’re living almost the exact same life, while looking exactly the same. They model, cosplay and visit all the cosplay conventions, making every man’s jaw drop as they pass. Though as far as I can tell they’ve never even heard of each other.

Let’s do a quick test, you tell me if these 2 girls look the same:

kayla and beke cosplay girls

It’s not just me right? Well just to confuse you even more, here’s a photo gallery of the 2 cosplay hotties but I haven’t posted which is which, visit their Instagram’s (@bekejacoba,@itskaylaerin) and Facebook’s (kaylaerinfanpagexBekeeeeeee) to find out.

Beke and Kayla Erin Photo Gallery

leotard cammy costume by cosplayer Beke
Photography: Lorenzo So Photography

friday 13th cosplay by Kayla Erin

kayla erin in geek underwear
Photo by: Corduroy Photography

Beke in bikini
Photography: cru Photography

kayla erin elm street cosplay
Photo by: Beethy Photography

cosplay girl beke as nidalee
Photography: Lorenzo So Photography

kayla erin selfie

leotard cammy costume by cosplayer Beke
Photography: Lorenzo So Photography

poison ivy cosplay by Beke
Photography: Volk Photography

kayla erin hot cosplay girl
Photographer: TeenageMutantNinjaBen

gurren lagan cosplay by kayla Erin

Caitlyn from league of legends cosplay by Beke
Photography: Courtney Dunn Photography

And that’s all the photos we have today, be sure to visit them and become a fan and if you discover any other cosplay girls you love, comment below and I’ll feature them!