There Are Some Really Hot Hipster Girls Out There, So Lets Gawk At Some…

Checking out hot chicks is cool, it’s perfectly alright, every guy does it… even the husbands and long-term boyfriends. Though for some reason we still have to hide it, openly staring at women in the street is unacceptable, which is a shame as it’s so much fun. I mean common, who doesn’t want to stare at the jogging D cups with the cute smile. So lets embrace our love of women and do a nice bit of female form appreciation, today it’s in the shape of hipsters.

Here’s My List Of Celebrities Who Should Be Ugly But Are Actually Really Hot

Overtly beautiful women in this world are ten a penny, air hostesses, barmaids, upper-class strippers, they’re just way too common. Now my real love is hidden beauty, girls who are seemingly ugly at first glance but slowly turn into hot and sexy swans when you spend some time with them. They just seem to show a deeper level of hotness that only becomes apparent with time. Which brings me to today’s list.

Here’s my list of  seemingly ugly girls who become more and more attractive the more you see them. 

Kpop = Jaw Drop – The Sexiest Korean Kpop Singers Of 2014

Every single Korean Kpop singer is hot, it’s just how it is… though it’s mainly because plastic surgery in Korea is cheap, top quality and pretty popular. Actually it’s not “pretty popular”, it’s super popular, it’s practically mandatory for Korean girls trying to become professional models or singers.

This plastic surgery plethora has led to thousands of good looking Kpop stars and the hottest of them all I’ve collated and list right here.

8 Drool Worthy Kill La Kill Cosplay Girls

Kill La Kill is a crazy, full on, full throttle, mad cap animation from Japan. It’s funny, it’s crazy and sometimes very sexy, the costumes they wear that gives them super powers are especially hot.

So lets check out 10 cosplay girls wearing their super hot Kill La Kill cosplay costumes. They’re all dressed as the main character Ryuko Matoi who’s on a search to find her fathers murderer.

The Hottest Yoga Pants Gifs You’ve Ever Seen

Every human loves yoga pants. From the girls who love to wear them to the guys who love to… umm… appreciate them.

There’s just something about their delightful form fitting ways that has got the internet in a spin. There’s millions of searches a day for hotties in yoga pants, the Yoga Pants Reddit has tens of thousands of fans and every time someone makes a forum post on the topic of hot girl gifs it always includes a load of booties in their yoga pants.

Here’s my top -best of the best- yoga pants gifs.