OK Apparently It’s Socially Acceptable To Have The Hots For Chloe Grace Moretz Now

Do you remember that psychotic kid from the movie Kickass? Well I’m guessing you probably do because she’s been in hundreds of movies since. Though up until now it’s always been a bit weird mentioning she’s hot… I mean she’s an adult now (she’s 19) but we still remember her as a kid in various movies… it’s kinda creepy.

Finally! We’re Starting To See Selena Gomez Getting Sexier

It’s been a slow burn with Selena Gomez, waiting for her music videos to get sexier and sexier. Well her latest video: Hands To Myself is her hottest yet and features Selena wandering around in her lingerie, though it’s not particularly hot, so I thought I would show you this version of the song instead featuring a bunch of Victoria Secrets models lip syncing the song and just generally looking incredible.