Finally! We’re Starting To See Selena Gomez Getting Sexier

It’s been a slow burn with Selena Gomez, waiting for her music videos to get sexier and sexier. Well her latest video: Hands To Myself is her hottest yet and features Selena wandering around in her lingerie, though it’s not particularly hot, so I thought I would show you this version of the song instead featuring a bunch of Victoria Secrets models lip syncing the song and just generally looking incredible.

Ashe Maree In A Jumper… Leading To Me Jizzing In My Pants

I’ve feature Ashe Maree previously on Hottie Monster after her sexy panda gifs went viral. Though today I’m keeping things simple, Ashe Maree has posted a selection of photos of her in a jumper… and she just looks so damn nice I had to share.

It’s kinda scary to think this professional web cam girl will do whatever hot and nasty things you want for just a few dollars… technology huh?