Skiing is generally not seen as the coolest of sports (I’m a skier and I gotta admit Snowboards look cooler) but what happens when you combine it with pranks and stunts so epic that almost no-one would try them? You get this video, that’s what you get.

The Hottest Girls On Twitch

With the advent of the massively popular Twitch game streaming website, a new and unexpected type of personality appeared. They are hardcore but beautiful girl gamers, they don’t use their bodies to sell themselves they just use their incredible personalities and sweetness to lure in the viewers.

I Love The King Of The Creeps

It’s fantastic to see the well known cosplay girl Jessica Nigri engaging in conversation in a really hot costume… seriously I have no idea how her cleavage is contained. Though the creeper interviewing just can’t stop staring at her boobs, it makes the whole thing incredibly awkward.