It’s Too Much Instagram… I Can’t Believe I’m Saying This, But There’s Too Many Hot Girls On Instagram

Have you ever been told you can’t have too much of a good thing? Yeah, well that’s crap, Instagram has so many hot girls posting sexy photos I feel overwhelmed. I’m serious, the Internet age has brought an unending depth and breadth of information that just flows over you when you browse the web and sometimes it can feel like drowning.

Instagram is a great example of this, I’ve browsed through thousands of hot girls Instagram accounts (hey it’s part of my job) and it’s all getting too much. Seriously it’s getting me depressed, where are these girls in the real world? On Instagram every girl goes to the gym in hot pants and a bare midriff but at my own gym there’s only sweaty, tired girls with no tan, as they’ve been working in the office all day. Instagram is creating a fake world of incredible beauty which makes the real world seem just a bit… grey.

Here’s an example of the beautiful world of Instagram, a selection of posts from Playboy model Dani Mathers. She’s a big fan of playing with other models butts… makes for interesting pics.

Dani Mathers and friends butt

Here we have Dani Mathers and her Playboy friends doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Dani Mathers bikini modelling

Dani Mathers and her friend do some awesome twerking.

Dani Mathers in sexy lingerie Dani Mathers hot in knee high socks Dani Mathers modelling a bikini Dani Mathers bikini girl Dani Mathers and bikini friends