It’s Official! The Biggest Pornstars In The World

Everyone’s favorite adult site; Pornhub have just released a list of the most searched pornstar names for 2015. So lets have a look at them, but lets do it in a very gentlemanly way, no close-up shots of girls doing things that are illegal in most countries, just PG rated, polite and cute photos of the most loved pornstars of 2015. Lets get to it.

I’ve started at number 10, as we love a good countdown here at Hottie Monster, scroll down to find out who is number 1.

The Top 10 Most Loved Pornstars of 2015

10. Sunny Leone
Born in 1981, Sunny is of mixed Indian/Canadian descent, she’s now a model but has retired from the Adult industry.

Sunny Leone selfie
Image Source: @sunnyleone

9. Alexis Texas
Born in 1985, blonde, Texan Alexis Texas has been in the adult industry for 5 years and is still going strong.

alexis texas model shot
Image Source: @whitegirlpoliticking

8. Riley Reid
Born in 1991, Riley is a sweet girl from Miami Beach Florida and is actually a mix of Dutch, German, Irish, Cherokee and more!

reilly reid selfie
Image Source: @ryebreadwithbuddr

7. Brandi Love
Born in 1973, Brandi is a Michigan girl, best known for her MILF movies… so a star for more mature men I think.

brandi love selfie
Image Source: @official_brandilove

6. Farrah Abraham
Farrah originally became popular through the TV series 16 and pregnant, then went on to star in Teen Mom and as she grew up and became an adult she decided to get into the adult industry.

farrah selfie
Image Source: @farrahabrahamofficial

5. Madison Ivy
Born in 1989, Madison Ivy was originally born in Germany but grew up in Texas. She’s a yoga instructor, Karate enthusiast and adult film star and director.

madison ivy selfie
Image Source: @420madisonivy (too rude to link to)

4. Asa Akira
Born in 1985, Asa Akira is still an adult film star but also now directs. She was born in New York, moved to Tokyo then back to the US where she began her career. Her surname is from the incredible Anime movie Akira… which is pretty cool.

asa akira on the bed
Image Source: @asahole

3. Lisa Ann
Born in 1972, Lisa Ann has retired from ‘The Business’ but is still a much loved and searched for star. She’s similar to Brandi Love in that she’s best known for her MILF videos but she still looks stunning.

Lisa Ann
Image Source: @thereallisaann

2. Mia Khalifa
Born in 1993, Lebanese, American star Mia Khalifa is super cute and new to the industry. Her sky-rocketing popularity is due in some part due to her Muslim background which has stirred up some controversy in Lebanon. She currently live in Miami and has a perfect girl-next-door look.
mia khalifa in bikini
Image Source: @miakhalifa1

mia khalifa in vest
Image Source: @miakhalifa1

1. Kim Kardashian
So maybe not technically a pornstar, Kim Kardashian did accidentally release a sex tape of herself and her partner (in 2007) which showed some very explicit acts, and just this one video has made her the most searched for girl on PornHub.

Kim Kardashian up close selfie
Image Source: @kimkardashian

kim kardashian busty selfie
Image Source: @kimkardashian

kim kardashian on rolling stone magazine
Image Source: @kimkardashian

And there it is, the Top 10 most searched Pornstars in 2015. I might also make an article on the 11th to 20th most popular girls, if there’s enough interest in this article, so keep checking back here at Hottie Monster for more in future.